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Letting Go

One thing about life we can all agree on, is that it’s not easy. There are so many things we as humans have to experience and maneuver, in order to learn and grow. Most of the time, what we need to let go of, is something that is holding us back from progressing onto the next level of our lives, whether it be a relationship, a traumatic situation and/or limiting beliefs. What exactly does this mean? How does one let go? What is it that you need to let go of?

Letting go is the act of releasing anything that does not serve our highest good. Anything that hinders us from being our true selves or that brings us negativity. It’s a situation, person or belief that impedes us from being able to grow from the lesson(s) we could possibly learn. It also means forgiveness...forgiveness for yourself as well as the persons or situations involved.

We need to let go of situations or people who affect our lives in a negative manner which causes us grief, frustration, anger and sadness. Holding onto these type of situations or people allows us to hurt ourselves, as we are not honoring or calling our inner being to be happy. People also hold onto the feelings associated with these situations or people...feelings that include shame and/or guilt. All of these are low vibration energies that bring us down. When we do not let go, we not only bring our energy vibration down, we also invite negativity. We attract more negative situations and people to repeat the same patterns.

The problem is that we are taught to be fearful. We were not born this way. No one is born fearful. We are born happy and loving. Open to everything the world has to offer, and free to give what we have of ourselves. Fear is taught to us by our family and friends. By society. We are taught to be careful all of the time for fear of possibly being physically hurt. We are taught to fear strangers. We are taught to fear anything that is not “normal”. We are taught to fear taking risks, because of the possible consequences. We are taught to fear letting ourselves love again, for the fear of having our hearts broken once more. We are taught to fear and not trust our own intuition, because what everyone else thinks is the best way to go. However, if people could get over the fear of being afraid, think of the possibilities one could accomplish!

People find it easier to hang onto toxic people or situations because they are afraid of what they could lose, rather than what they could possibly gain. They are afraid of letting go of someone who is toxic because they don’t want to be alone. People are more comfortable living with the difficulty because it's more “comfortable” to be miserable and unhappy, than to give into the unknown.

When we let go, we allow ourselves to process the emotions and work through them. Letting go allows us to recognize patterns or beliefs that hold us back or that does not resonate with us. We give ourselves the ability to acknowledge and learn the necessary lessons. From there we can accept ourselves and others for who they are, forgive ourselves and others, then release them from our lives. Letting go allows us to be kind and open minded. Releasing what no longer serves our highest good is part of self-care and self love. To be able to release negative situations and people, strengthens our love for ourselves and others, and above all for Spirit.

The process of letting go is not easy. It’s difficult, messy and can make us feel like we are in despair at times. Sometimes, it feels like a rubber band...just when we think we have progressed and have gotten far in our attempt to release it, it snaps right back at us and we relive the process once again. We take one step forward, and two steps back. However, when we finally reach the point of truly letting go, we experience the one thing that has eluded us for so long, it feels like a huge victory. When we truly let go, we finally experience freedom!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to let go?

Love and light to all! Bliss be!