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Be true to yourself

In the self development or spiritual development realms, something you hear many times is, “Be true to yourself” or “Be your true self” or “Be your authentic self”. What does this all mean? How do I know what that means to me? How does one be authentic?

Being true to yourself or your authentic self has to do with one honoring the gifts as well as the limitations that one embodies. Living what you feel and know is right for you. Having certain standards that you will not compromise on, setting your boundaries, and having the integrity to do what is right, even if it means going against what everyone else says or does. Being open minded, objective and acknowledging that you are not perfect, in that everyone makes mistakes as it’s all a part of Free Will; and perhaps, the ideals or conditions you have, were not your own, but pushed upon you to believe in by society. Once you have this knowledge, you then have the power and responsibility to make changes.

Everyone was born with certain gifts or abilities that make them special. Attributes that are unique to you. Unfortunately, the collective mass pushes ideals that are considered the “norm”, so anyone or anything that strays from what is designated as “normal”, is now seen as weird, freakish, quirky, etc. When we are children, we are more open and willing to see the world through different eyes. It’s more magical and fun. As we grow older, values from family, friends, and even the government, start to mold us and we become like sheep following the herd. We start to believe and take on the ideals that society wants us to think is the way we need to act, live, think and speak. It is all ego based and not aligned with our Divinity.

I had a difficult time growing up in the US. I was born here, but I am first generation American in my family. It was difficult for many reasons, one of them being that my parents were overly strict and very traditional. Another is that it felt like a constant balancing act between being “American” or “Filipina”. Notice how I say “or”. So many times growing up, I would hear my parents say, “Stop acting like those Americans!”. Wait...what? But I am American. Of course, I could never say that to them because it would be a sign of disrespect. I was not allowed to speak my mind or say what I really thought, especially if it was in contradiction to my parents, because I would be regarded as defiant or as they liked to say, “hard-headed”.

It felt like I was walking a very fine line between not being too American, and not being too Filipina. What it did to me, was make me hide certain things about myself and secretly fuel me towards having a life of my own. I learned to hide my opinions and thoughts, so as not to cause any commotion. I learned to hide things that brought me joy, because doing the things that made me truly happy or would make me feel comfortable, would make me stick out and I would have to deal with their disappointment or wrath. I learned to hide my gifts and abilities because I had no one to talk to about them. I learned to hide myself, so that I could be “normal”, just like everyone else.

I had so many aha moments when I realized that I was subconsciously carrying around behaviors and ideas that had been taught to me by society, especially by my family. As different as I wanted to be from them, I realized that I was like them in some ways because of what had been ingrained in me. It’s amazing to see how we were brought up, affects our lives as adults, in our decision making and patterns that we continue to repeat. It sounds so simple now to say it, but when you are not doing the inner work on yourself, you will be surprised as to what the human ego wants to hide from you. I had to learn to deconstruct myself and put “me” back together again. To learn to trust myself and most importantly, to love myself. I had to find the things that I align with and that make me happy.

Even now, I’m still finding things out about myself and it’s amazing! When you find yourself resonating with certain ideals, that is when the magic starts to happen. You start to follow them, not because society expects it of you, but because they align to your true self. You begin to change and find that you are living a better version of yourself. You meet new people who are more of a match to you and start to lose those who do not. You start to see the synchronicity in events, and begin to make connections. You raise your vibration and start to attract more positive people and situations into your life. You become more joyful, which is what we were all put on this Earth to experience.

Most people feel like they are searching for their purpose in life. The only purpose we all have, is for our souls to have the best human experience on this Earth, in this lifetime. Our path is what we decide to do while on this Earth, as well as the lessons we need to learn. Our path is what will be revealed to us, as we start to align to our true selves. There are no two paths alike, so be your authentic self. Follow what makes you happy and share the joy with others. This is how we can change the world...by sharing our love, happiness and joy with others, as we live our true selves.

For the next several years, we will start to see more of a conscious movement happening to the collective mass, as well as individually. People will become more “awakened” and “enlightened”, so things that were deemed as the norm by society, will shift and change. We started to see it with the #metoo movement and the uncovering of the sex trade industry, and lately, the abuse of power concerning separating immigrant children from their parents. There will be changes in financial institutions that will occur globally. As well as more natural weather disasters or atypical weather patterns, as the world reacts to the major energy shifts globally. In a sense, it’s as if the world is trying to live it’s true self, and will undergo major changes to get closer to being in alignment. It will seem as if the world is going backwards at times, but do not lose faith, as it is going through a purification process towards enlightenment. This will happen because more people will start to live in alignment with their true selves.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to live your true self?

Light and love to all! Bliss be!