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The road to being truly happy!

We live in a world where one can relish in instant gratification. You want to go on a trip, book it. You feel like having Japanese or Mexican for dinner? Go to the restaurant, or better yet, order home delivery. You need a new coat or dress? Shop online. You need to research something, go on the Internet. A person can pretty much get a hold of whatever it is they desire, almost instantaneously.

A lot of people are followers of trends and materialistic wants/needs, and have lost their way to seeking the simpler things in life. I know...I was one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy nice things every now and then, as well as certain conveniences of life, but the underlying enjoyment and meaning of it is different now. Instant gratification does not equate true happiness. Instant gratification of these types of things is temporary and fleeting. There is nothing or no one in the world who can make you happy. It is your responsibility, and yours alone. You are not responsible for another human being, and they are not responsible for you. Each person has their own path to follow. To find true happiness, one needs to find it within, not outside of themselves.

How does one find true happiness? Well, it’s a process. There is no overnight remedy or cure. It takes time, work and constant practice. You have to look within yourself and acknowledge your insecurities, faults, negative patterns and beliefs. You need to be self aware and mindful. Look deep to fight your inner demons. You need to want to make changes! No one can make you change, you need to make the decision yourself and then proceed. You can read or watch all of the life coaching, self empowerment books or videos, however, if you don’t take the steps to put them into practice, then it doesn’t mean anything.

Most people love to watch reality shows or follow the gossip magazines to keep up with celebrities. What they are doing, wearing, what they are eating, and who they are dating. The majority of people do not realize that this is just an escape from their own lives. They live through the lives of others. Why live through someone else's life when you have the power to create your own happiness? One can be happy and living a life of gratitude and abundance, only if they are willing to seek it and do the work.

So, what steps can you take to be happier?


It all starts with being grateful. Grateful for the small things, as well as the big things in your life. From the simplicity of breathing air to the extreme of being able make the investment of the purchase of a new home for you and your family. When we are grateful for all the things we currently have, we live more in the present and can appreciate life itself. And when you can appreciate the small things in life, as well as the big, you are happier. When you are happier, you raise your vibrational energy to a more positive level. When you raise your energy, you start to attract more positive things to your life. See where this is going? Every morning, I wake up and say three things that I am grateful for. One of them being how grateful I am to be alive another day on this Earth to live the best human experience, and that I am going to have a wonderful day. Start off your mornings with a more positive and grateful attitude, and watch how it changes your outlook for the day.

Spiritual leaders/Tribes

Find a spiritual leader with whom you resonate with...whom you like their way of teaching and messages. Where there is a spiritual leader, there are tribes! There are so many wonderful tribes out there, and you can follow as many as you feel is needed. One great way to find true happiness is to find a tribe or tribes that you resonate with...people who think alike, who want to accomplish similar goals, and who are supportive. People who are open-minded and willing to do the work, while encouraging others to do the same. A supportive group helps to keep one motivated and lifts spirits when someone is feeling down or depressed. This especially helps when one feels like everything in their life is in chaos.

Be positive

Think and feel positive thoughts and emotions. It’s not enough to think them, you actually have to live them. Be positive in your words, thoughts and actions. Remove yourself from gossiping, trash talking, gaslighting, narcissists, etc. When you participate in this type of behavior or surround yourself with people who do this, you only bring negativity to yourself. Remember, everything is energy and like attracts like. You will be surprised and amazed on how being positive raises your energy vibration, and you start to attract positive things into your life. You might find that this leads you to people who are better for you and your new outlook. Old friends and even family members might not be on the same page as you anymore, and may fall away. That’s ok! You are positioning yourself for great things, and anything or anyone who doesn’t “fit” into your life anymore, isn’t meant to stay. Be thankful for the time you had with them, and let them go with love.

Spend time alone

It’s interesting how most people don’t like to be alone. It’s as if they can’t handle being comfortable in their own being. Spending time alone with one’s thoughts, gives one the ability to search their minds and emotions. Do things to help center you by meditating, doing yoga, or some creative outlet like writing or drawing. This will help you to become still in the present. You want to focus on the present, not the past or the future. Spending time alone allows one to understand their limitations, and eventually to overcome them. It also allows you to process information that comes and goes on a daily basis, and how they affect your being. Time alone helps you to practice the art of the “pause”. When someone says something disturbing to you or you encounter an undesirable situation, pausing before reacting gives you time to think and control how you will react. It will give you time to go into yourself and speak or act from a place of calmness and love.

Get a hobby

Do something that is creative and brings you joy! It can be anything...knitting, gardening, building Lego towns, painting, writing...you get the jist. When we do something that we love and is creative, it is actually a form of meditation. When we do something that relaxes us and makes us happy, it brings us closer to our true selves. We connect more to our higher selves and to Spirit. An added benefit, is that you may strengthen your intuitive abilities in the process. You also spend quality time alone and reap the benefits from that as well. Who knows, if you really love your particular hobby, maybe it can turn into a business opportunity or career for you. When we do something that we love and brings us joy, it brings us closer to our Divinity.

Spiritual practice

When you keep up with a spiritual practice or several of them, you find yourself to be more accepting, more loving, and more open to different ideas and experiences. You become more centered and present in the moment. It has great health benefits as well, like reducing stress or depression. Spiritual practices help to provide purposeful meaning and belief in a higher power, whatever that means for you (God, Allah, the Universe, etc.). Your ability to discern and pause before reacting comes from a place of self love and self confidence. There are many kinds of spiritual practices...Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, meditation, listen to or make music, participate in creative activities, etc.


Get moving! Exercising bring us so many benefits, and for me, is a spiritual practice. First, you feel good after a hard workout, which makes you happy, and therefore raises your vibration. You sweat and not only burn off calories, but you sweat out the toxins and negative energy in your body, which helps to keep your energy positive! Exercising makes you stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. You push yourself past your comfort zone physically, and it enables you to build stamina and strength. The majority of the time, exercising is about mental strength, not the physical. Plus, when we push ourselves past our comfort zones, we begin to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Taking risks or having adventures will get easier over time. Pushing ourselves past our comfort zones help us to learn and grow.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take the steps to be truly happy?

Love and light to all! Bliss be!